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JSC Nizhnevartovsk Oil and Gas Production Enterprise (NOP) develops remote oil and gas fields in the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous District - Ugra. NOP was established in 1999 after reorganization of one of the oldest oil producing companies, Nizhnevartovskneft Oil and Gas Production Department named after Lenin. NK Rosneft controls 100% of the shares of Nizhnevartovsk Oil and Gas Production Association.

The company owns licenses for the development of the Permyakovskoye, Khokhryakovskoye, Kolik-Eganskoye, Okunevskoye, Chekhloinskoye, Khokhlovskoye, Van-Eganskoye, Ai-Eganskoye, Kosilskoye, parts of the Megionskoye, Orekhovo-Ermakovskoye and Zapadno- Ermakovskoye fields. These fields, having run over their production peak require special attention to geological issues from experts’ part, competent and skillful application of modern reservoir development techniques, such as sidetracking, multi-stage fracturing, re-organization of reservoir pressure maintenance and tertiary methods of oil recovery enhancement.

At the Van-Eganskoye field (Van-Egansky licensed site),  NNP is implementing a pilot project to extract high-viscosity oil. Since 2004, the accumulated production of high-viscosity oil at JSC Nizhnevartovsk Oil and Gas Production Enterprise has amounted to 130 thousand tons.  As of January 1 2019, the recoverable reserves of high-viscosity oil at the Van-Yeganskoye field (Van-Yeganskiy license area) in the formation PK1-2, which contains the main unique hydrocarbon deposits, amount to 49 million tons.

Since 2013, NOP holds a license to develop part of the Uzunskoye field within the Yuzhno-Uzunsky licensed site. As of 01.01.2019, recoverable oil reserves of Uzunskoye field within the license area being developed by the enterprise amount to 3.4 million tons. The active phase of development drilling in a single-layer field began in 2014.

In 2016, JSC Nizhnevartovsk Oil and Gas Production Enterprise started commercial development of the Okunevskoye field and in April 2019 launched commercial development of the Khokhlovskoye oil field.

The distance of the fields being developed by the NOP from the city of Nizhnevartovsk is from 60 to 300 kilometers. Therefore, work on the sites is organized on a rotational basis. On-field rotation camps provide modern comfortable environment for high-grade work and rest.

The cumulative oil production volume from the beginning of the field development is 210.933 million tons.